New Career Center Books

Here are the newest books in the Career Center Library. You may place a hold on any Career Center book through the East Baton Rouge Parish Library website.

This month we have a number of career information books, to help you explore and choose a career.

Careers in Law Enforcement
by Coy H. Johnston

If you have an abiding interest in law and order, you may want to check this out. This book is an in-depth guide to choosing the right law enforcement career. It provides an introduction to a variety of fields of law enforcement, including police, CSI, victim services, corrections, private investigation, security, evidence management, animal control, and more. It also includes sections on self-assessment, determining your career goals, and job search strategies.

Next Gen PhD: A Guide to Career Paths in Science
by Melanie V. Sinche

It used to be very easy for someone with an advanced scientific degree to have a long, stable career in academia. Unfortunately, such is no longer the case – in today’s troubled economy, a mere 14% of science PhDs receive tenure within five years. Many PhDs need to find an alternate career plan. The book aims to help by providing information about the career options available, techniques for matching your interests and values to a career, and job search strategies for making a successful transition.

Success as a Real Estate Agent for Dummies
by Dirk Zeller

So you think you’ve got what it takes to be a successful real estate agent? You can make absolutely certain with the help of this guide. It contains a thorough A-Z strategy for every step of the real estate career, including: positioning yourself for success, selecting a company, generating online leads, open houses, marketing your properties, closing the deal, and keeping clients for life. This book will give any neophyte real estate agent a swift boost towards mastery.

Written by Lynnette Lee