New Career Center Books

This month, the Career Center has gotten in several new titles about effective communication and presentation. You may place a hold on these titles at the East Baton Rouge Library website.

The Power of Presence: Unlock Your Potential to Influence and Engage Others
by Kristi Hedges

“Presence has many descriptions. We may call it confidence, or charisma, or being compelling – but we experience it the same. When we meet someone with a strong presence, we can feel it. And if the person is a leader, we are inspired by it.” Thus begins this book, dedicated to helping its readers develop their own presence. Its chapters contain tools, strategies, exercises, and personal stories from years of corporate experience. These tools are designed to help you improve your ability to connect, communicate, inspire, motivate, and impress.

You Said What?! The Biggest Communication Mistakes Professionals Make
by Kim Zoller and Kerry Preston

Putting your foot in your mouth in a professional setting can be more than simply embarrassing -it can hurt your career. Learn to polish your communication skills with these stories, including specialized sections on small talk, email, social media, communication styles, handling and giving feedback, and the most common blunders.

The Small Talk Handbook: Easy Instructions on How to Make Small Talk in Any Situation
by Melissa Wadsworth

Calling all introverts: this is the career book for you. You probably dread having to make conversation with people. Yet when used appropriately, small talk can be a powerful career tool for making connections, winning over clients, and impressing your superiors. This book contains concrete suggestions in such areas as: recognizing your natural conversation style, making a good first impression, finding icebreaker topics, remembering people’s names, and improving your body language. It covers settings from business meetings and trade shows to networking parties and luncheons.

Manners Boot Camp: Professional Courtesy
by Learning Zone Xpress

This one is not a book, but a DVD. It teaches a lot of the unwritten rules of proper office behavior which a first-time job-seeker may not know. Its topics include etiquette for the job interview, phone, and email, as well as an explanation of why manners are important in a work setting.

Written by Lynnette Lee