December 2020 Video Roundup

In the last month of 2020, we here at the Career Center put together another stellar group of videos to help with your job search. Let’s see what they are.

job Interview Questions playlist

How to Answer, “Tell me about your greatest achievement.”

“We should all be aware of our own accomplishments,” says Career Coach Anne Nowak in the beginning of this video. Resume Coach Lynnette Lee helps Anne show you how to choose and frame what you’re proud of to an interviewer.

common Job Application tutorials playlist

How to Apply for a Job at FedEx

During the holiday season, employers like FedEx hire a lot of extra temporary help. Though the high-volume days may have just ended, a job at FedEx can still be fairly secure and well-paying. In this video, Career Specialist Richard Wright walks you through how to apply.

How to Apply for a Job at Home Depot

Since so many of us have been staying at home, we’ve had more chances to do some much-needed work around the house. If you think helping people with their home improvement would fit you professionally, this video might help. In it, Richard Wright will show you how to apply for a job at Home Depot.

seven deadly sins of the job search playlist

Part 1: using job boards only

There are really only seven “deadly” mistakes you can make while searching for a new job – and in this series of videos, Anne Nowak will show you what they are and how to avoid them. In this first video of the series, she talks about one of the most common mistakes: only searching for jobs that are posted in online boards or classifieds.

job search basics playlist

Top 10 Reasons You Did Not Get the Job

No matter how good your résumé is, how passionate your cover letter, or how eloquent your interview, there will be times when you don’t get the job you’ve applied for. In this video, Anne Nowak discusses the Top Ten reasons they might’ve said, “No,” and gives advice on how to get a “Yes!” next time.

Social Media Etiquette for the Job Search

If your social media accounts make you look unprofessional, it may be costing you job opportunities. In this video, Lynnette Lee gives tips for presenting a professional image online and avoiding common social media mistakes.

moocs: massive open online courses playlist

edX: an In-Depth MOOC Review

MOOCs – Massive Open Online Courses – can be a fantastic way to get valuable job skills and training at a low cost. In this video, Richard Wright discusses the popular MOOC edX.

Written by Case Duckworth