How to Succeed in a New Job

Congratulations, you made it through the application process and scored the new job! Now you want to make sure to start the new role off right.

Before your actual start date

Before your first day, you want to research the organization again. Check out if there is any recent big news such as leadership changes, acquisitions, new patents, new products, etc. You also want to read up on your new colleagues. Search them out on LinkedIn to see if you can establish any commonalities with some of them (for example, having attended the same college or having a previous employer in common). Sharing these experiences will make an easy segue to get to know your new colleagues.

Another easy way to make a good first impression is to talk to your new supervisor and ask them if there is anything specific you can do to prepare for your first day. Maybe they have an important deadline coming up where it could make a real difference if you hit the ground running.

The first days

You want to have a beginner’s mind; be open and eager to learn. Even though you might be an expert in your role, don’t barge in and let them know that you know everything better and will show them how it’s done. It’s important to first observe and learn how things are done in the new organization.

Good communication is always of utmost importance but especially early in a new job. Early on you want to discuss and establish the following with your supervisor and/or team:

  • Responsibilities
  • Priorities and upcoming deadlines
  • Gauge the preferred communication style, e.g. regular structured feedback vs. ongoing feedback
  • Expectations and objectives
  • Metrics to measure achievement of objectives

The first weeks and months

Spend some time networking within your company. Go to lunch with people, mingle at the water cooler, speak up in meetings and be proactive and display a can-do-attitude.  The more colleagues you have good relationships with and the more coworkers know about you and what you do, the better for your career. Relationships with the right people are the key ingredient to promotions and career success (of course you also want to be known for your stellar work product).

We wish you much success in your new job! If you’d like any help with your job search or career development, the Career Center is here to help. Contact us at 225-231-3733 or at or check out our YouTube channel.

Written by Anne Nowak