YouTube Video Roundup: March, 2021

Spring has sprung, and so have some more videos from your local library’s Career
Center. Some highlights for March include a Spanish version of our popular
Walmart application video, a how-to for your first resumé, and how to get
organized with Google Sheets. Take a look at our YouTube channel and see all of
our videos, available ad-free.

Job Search Basics playlist

Telephone etiquette for the job search

Your telephone skills could give a hiring manager a good impression – or a bad
one – before you even have a chance to meet in person. In this video, Certified Resumé Writer Lynnette Lee discusses the do’s and don’t’s of professional communication through voicemails, telephone calls, and phone interviews.

Organizing your job search with Google Sheets

The job search process requires keeping track of lots of information, including
usernames, passwords, websites, dates applied, application status, and
more. Thankfully, there are tools that can help. In this video, Career
Specialist Richard Wright demonstrates how you can use Google Sheets to keep
your job search information organized.

Resumés and Cover Letters playlist

My First Resumé

Students and new graduates may find it challenging to create a resumé,
especially if they don’t have much work experience. In this video, Lynnette Lee
takes you step-by-step through the process of creating your first resumé.

Common Job Application Tutorials playlist

How to apply for a job at Waffle House

If you like slinging hash, frying eggs, or pouring coffee, this is the video for
you. Career Specialist Cynthia Payton shows the step-by-step process of
applying to work for Waffle House.

How to apply for a job at Family Dollar

In this video, Richard Wright demonstrates the online application process for
retail chain Family Dollar, where you can begin a career in the booming retail

Job Interview Questions playlist

How to Answer: “How would you deal with an impossible deadline?”

Employers ask hypothetical questions to see how you cope with work challenges.
In the Job Interview Questions playlist, we look at different questions and show
you the good – and bad! ways to answer them. In this video, Anne Nowak and
Lynnette Lee demonstrate how to answer “How would you deal with an impossible
deadline?” in a way that showcases your problem-solving, critical thinking, and
crisis management skills.

en español playlist

Cómo solicitar un trabajo con Walmart

En este video, el especialista en carreras André de la Fuente lo guía a través
de una solicitud de empleo para el gigante minorista Walmart.

Written by Case Duckworth