May 2022 YouTube Roundup

We have exciting news: The Career Center’s YouTube channel has now reached 1,000 subscribers! Passing this milestone opens up new options for our YouTube channel, so stay tuned for some exciting new videos! As a sample, here are our latest:

Resources for teens playlist

How Teens Can Answer, “Why should we hire you?”

This job interview question asks you to convince the hiring manager of your talents. That can be intimidating, especially for candidates who don’t have much experience. In this video, Career Specialist Lynnette Lee and guest presenter Jessica Budd demonstrate how your answer can build a strong case based on your unique qualities.

common job application tutorials playlist

How to apply for a job at kfc

Is the Colonel calling you? Before you apply to work at fast-food giant KFC, watch our tutorial video so you’ll know what to expect. In this video, Career Specialist Andre de la Fuente walks you step-by-step through the process of KFC’s online job application.

this month’s spotlight: the enrichment and skills training playlist

One key to career success is being a lifelong learner. Whether you want to learn new skills for your current job, for a promotion, or for a new career field, there are low-cost resources that can help. These videos look at other resources which can help you advance your career by learning valuable new skills without the hefty price tag of a full degree.

Written by Lynnette Lee