Book Review: The Job-Loss Recovery Program Guide

If you’re dealing with job loss, you’ll want to check out The Job-Loss Recovery Program Guide, The Ultimate Visualization System for Landing a Great Job Now, written by Lynn Joseph, PH.D. This book is a quick read and gets straight to the heart of the matter. The premise of the Job-Loss Recovery Program Guide is, if you change your thoughts about the situation, your feelings will also change.


Losing a job is considered a very traumatic life event and like the loss of a loved one, can trigger symptoms of grief. The loss of a job requires coping strategies. One of the big takeaways is to “Take the time to grieve.” “The Job-Loss Recovery Program” will help you improve your coping skills and shift your thoughts from seeing the situation as a challenge rather than a threat.


The stages and symptoms of a job-loss often feel a little discouraging.
Job loss is an experience that requires a period of grieving. Often the newly jobless feel abandoned and betrayed by their previous company. As in the stages of grieving a death, there is inevitably a stage of anger. The author cautions against turning the anger in on yourself, in the form of blame. The key goal of the program is to help you move through the stages to closure and the first step is to manage stress.

moving on

Through these visualization exercises the Program offers help to overcome stress, grief, and anger to improve attitude, boost confidence to find the new opportunity. This program has been used with many participants who all report feeling much improved and being able to address the job search with new energy.

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