December 2022 YouTube Roundup

At the close of one year and the start of another, the whole world seems to be in transition. If you find yourself longing for a transition in your career – a promotion, new job, or even a switch to an entirely new industry – the Career Center can help. Check out the latest offerings on our YouTube channel:

Resumes and cover letters PLAYLIST

Resume quick tips: HOW TO cover an unstable work history

This video is part of our Resumes Before and After series, which showcases common resume mistakes and our recommended solutions. In this video, Certified Professional Resume Writer Lynnette Lee discusses how an unstable work history may look like a red flag to employers, then demonstrates strategies for disguising the instabilities.

common job applications PLAYLIST

How to apply for a job at walgreens

Walgreens has a variety of positions in retail and pharmacy. In this video, Certified Career Coach Anne Nowak walks you step-by-step through the online application process for these positions.

THIS MONTH’S SPOTLIGHT: THE resources for ex-offenders PLAYLIST

These videos are aimed specifically at helping the formerly incarcerated with the extra challenges they face on the job search. Topics include special resume rules for the formerly incarcerated, as well as the best ways for those with a criminal record to answer common interview questions.

Written by Lynnette Lee