February 2023 YouTube Roundup

The frivolity of Christmas and the indulgences of Mardi Gras are behind us. Now it is the grim Lenten season, a time for reflection, sacrifice. . . .and some pretty dreary weather to boot. But don’t despair – your friends at the Career Center are still here to help you through the tough times of your job search. Here are some of our latest offerings:

Resources for ex-offenders PLAYLIST

HOW ex-offenders can answer, “Why should we hire a convicted felon?”

This question is a little blunt, but it is honest: employers will worry that they are taking a risk by hiring someone with a criminal record. In this video, Career Specialist Lynnette Lee and guest presenter David Laatsch demonstrate how you can address those concerns and reassure employers of why you’d be an asset to their company.

common job applications PLAYLIST

How to apply for a job at performance contractors

In this video, Career Specialist Andre de la Fuente shows the step-by-step process of completing an online job application for industrial construction firm Performance Contractors.

resumes before and after PLAYLIST

Resume quick tips: how to write a good summary or objective

This video is part of our Resumes Before and After series, which showcases common resume mistakes and our recommended solutions. In this video, Certified Professional Resume Writer Anne Nowak takes a look at the opening section of the resume – the objective or summary section – and demonstrates how to use this section to grab employers’ attention and convince them of your relevant skills.

Written by Lynnette Lee