July 2023 YouTube Roundup

Summer is ending, but our job-search assistance never will! Check out these new offerings from our YouTube channel:

common job applications PLAYLIST

how to apply for a job at chili’s

In this video, Career Specialist Karla Stewart walks you step by step through the process of applying online for a job with restaurant chain Chili’s.

job interview questions PLAYLIST

HOW TO Answer, “What motivates you?”

Learning about what motivates you – what drives you to succeed or inspires you to happiness – can tell a hiring manager a lot about what type of employee you’ll be. In this video, Certified Career Coach Anne Nowak and Career Specialist Lynnette Lee demonstrate an answer that aligns with the needs of the position and the company culture.

Resume Before & After PLAYLIST

Resume Quick Tips: Outgrown Resume Formats

This video is part of our Resumes Before and After series, which showcases common resume mistakes and our recommended solutions. In this video, Certified Professional Resume Writer Lynnette Lee demonstrates why the resume format you’ve been using since the beginning of your career may not be the best fit now that you’re an experienced professional.

Written by Lynnette Lee