October 2023 YouTube Roundup

The leaves may fall, but your spirits shouldn’t, because the Career Center always has your back when it comes to the job search. Here are some of our autumnal offerings:

Resumes Before & After PLAYLIST

Resume Quick Tips: Getting Too Personal

This video is part of our Resumes Before and After series, which showcases common resume mistakes and our recommended solutions.
In this video, Certified Resume Writer Lynnette Lee examines the common mistake of including too much information about your personal life on your resume. Even in situations where there is something to explain – such as a long gap in work history – providing certain details can do more harm than good.

Work at Home Job Board Reviews PLAYLIST

Virtual Vocations: A Work-From-Home Website Review

This video is part of our Work-from-Home series, which showcases ways to find remote job openings which are not scams.
In this video, Certified Career Coach Anne Nowak provide an in-depth review of Virtual Vocations, an excellent resource for finding legitimate remote job opportunities.

From the Vaults: This Month’s Golden Oldies Spotlight

Job Search Basics PLAYLIST

Job Search Resources: Website Walkthrough

The Career Center’s website contains a huge variety of resources to help you with your job search – resume-writing, interview prep, salary information, and more. There’s so much good stuff on there, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. In this video, Career Specialist Lynnette Lee walks you through all the different job-search features so you can choose the most helpful resources for your situation.

Written by Lynnette Lee