December 2023 YouTube Video Roundup

Happy New Year! If the start of a fresh new year has you invigorated to make a fresh new start on your job search, the Career Center is here to help. Check out these and other videos on our YouTube channel for inspiration:

From the Job Search Mastery Playlist

The ADA and the Job Search Part 2: Accommodations

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides protections for jobseekers with disabilities, including accommodations during the job search, testing, and interviewing process. In this video, Career Specialist Kathryn Cusimano discusses what types of accommodations might be available, as well as when and how you can request accommodations.

From the Common Job Application Tutorials Playlist

How to Apply for a Job at Pizza Hut

In this video, Career Specialist Cynthia Payton demonstrates the process of completing the online job application for restaurant chain Pizza Hut.

From the Vaults: This Month’s Golden Oldies Spotlight
From the Job Search Mastery Playlist

Career Planning Resources: Website Walkthrough

Need help choosing a career path? Learning a new skill? Finding out about different career options? Our website can help with all of that. There’s so much good stuff on there, in fact, that it can be a little overwhelming. In this video, Career Specialist Lynnette Lee walks you through all the different career-planning features so you can choose the most helpful resources for your situation.

Written by Lynnette Lee