February 2024 YouTube Video Roundup

Nothing says “February in Louisiana” like having to use your heater, your AC, your umbrella, and your sunglasses all on the same day. And this past month has certainly lived up to that. But if the weather has been inconsistent, one thing you can always rely on is the Career Center’s commitment to bringing you quality job search advice. Check out some of our latest YouTube videos:

From the Resumes Before & After Playlist:

Resume Quick Tips: Tailoring a Resume for a Jack-of-All-Trades

This video is part of our Resumes Before and After series, which showcases common resume mistakes and our recommended solutions. In this video, Certified Resume Writer Lynnette Lee discusses the difficulties faced by people who have a wide variety of skills and interests. Rather than having an unfocused generic resume, we demonstrate how to tailor resumes to better suit different jobs.

From the Common Job Applications Tutorials Playlist:

How to Apply for a Job at Compass Group

Compass Group is a conglomerate of food service companies, including Bon Appetit, Chartwells, Crothalls, and Morrisons, that provide dining services in schools, colleges, airports, and healthcare facilities nationwide. In this video, Career Specialist Cynthia Payton demonstrates the process of completing the online job application for Compass Group.

From the Job Interview Questions Playlist:

How to Answer, “Why Were You Fired?”

Being terminated can be a black spot on your career and a red flag to employers, so this interview question can be a deal-killer. However, as Certified Career Coach Anne Nowak and Career Specialist Lynnette Lee demonstrate in this video, there are ways to handle the question well. A good answer will showcase your responsibility and growth as an employee.

Written by Lynnette Lee