What does the Career Center offer?

The Career Center strives to teach individuals to become their own career managers and make them more resilient to career setbacks and layoffs. The tools we employ are one-on-one sessions with a certified career coach, seminars, assessments, use of databases, and pertinent literature.

What is a coaching session like?

It depends on the individual’s needs. Many sessions focus on helping the individual choose a career path or determine the next step in the job search. We also provide help with creating and improving resumes and cover letters, job search strategies, preparation for interviews, and navigating online applications.

Is there a fee for coaching sessions?

No! It’s free!

Do I need an appointment for a coaching session?

Yes, please call (225) 231-3733 and make an appointment.

Does the Career Center accept applications?

No. We are not an employment agency. We post job openings that are sent to us in the Career Center Office, but the individual is responsible for the application process.

Do you write resumes?

We will work with you on creating or improving your resume until it is polished, and you can use Career Center computers to type it. We cannot type it for you.

Will you complete online applications?

Using the Career Center computers, we will coach you through the online application process, but we cannot enter the information for you.

What kinds of seminars do you offer?

Seminars cover diverse career and workplace topics, ranging from resume and cover letter creation to the application process for state and federal jobs and skills for negotiating higher salaries. If there is a topic you’d like to see covered, please give us a call.

How do I learn about upcoming seminars?

Upcoming seminars are generally announced on the Career Center website, on our Facebook page “Career Center of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library,” on Twitter at @CareerCenterEBR, in the library’s newsletter The Source, and through fliers in all library branches.

Does the Career Center offer custom seminars for companies and non-profit, professional, and community organizations?

Yes! Contact us at (225) 231-3733.

Which branches have a career center?

The Career Center is now housed at the Main Library at Goodwood but hosts programs throughout the system.

Can I follow the Career Center on social media?

Yes. Follow us on Facebook at “Career Center of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library”, on Twitter at @CareerCenterEBR, and on Youtube at “EBRPL Career Center.”