Young Adults

Whether you’re thinking of pursuing a degree or entering the workforce, these resources may help you define your goals and find the right opportunities. Also check out these tips on how to write a resume, including templates to get you started – look for the new graduate resume section.

Career Compass of Louisiana
Education nonprofit that provides college and career coaching for high school students.

Careers in the Military
Explore career opportunities in the various branches of the military.

Careers Internet 
Access to the database is provided by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library for patrons. Includes assessments and information about careers.

Chegg Internships
Listing of internship opportunities.

City Year AmeriCorps
10-month program for young adults. Corp members provide individualized support to at-risk students and help establish positive learning environments in schools throughout America.

Career-building website aimed at young adults, with especial focus on finding internships, partnering with mentors, and collecting job-search advice.

Gyrl Wonder
Nonprofit organization “dedicated to empowering and equipping young women for career readiness” through classes, mentoring, and scholarships.

Job-search and internship-finding website which is only available to students currently enrolled in college.

Holland Hexagon for College Majors
Information on choosing a college major based on your interest areas. This tool from Purdue University uses the John Holland Model of Occupational Themes to divide majors into six categories: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, or Conventional.

Job Corps
A free education and training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps young people learn a career, earn a high school diploma or GED, and find and keep a good job. For eligible young people at least 16 years of age that qualify as low income, Job Corps provides the all-around skills needed to succeed in a career and in life.

Learning Express School and Scholarship Finder
Tools to search for colleges and financial aid opportunities. Access to the database is provided by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library for patrons.

Louisiana Works Youth Portal
Career planning resource. Includes self assessments, career exploration, information on training and apprentice programs, etc.

Khan Academy College Application Guide
Video tutorials on every aspect of the college admissions process.

Modern States
This nonprofit’s Freshman Year for Free program provides funding for students to earn one year of college credit at no cost, through CLEP and AP exams. The program covers the cost of online tutorials, study guides, and exam registration fees.

Parker Dewey
Paid micro-internships

The Revolutionary Club
Resources for finding work you love.

Explore careers in the most in-demand industries in the US.

Union Training and Apprenticeships
AFL-CIO website. Information about training programs and apprenticeships through labor unions.

U.S. Department of Education College Affordability and Transparency Center
Information about how much it costs students to attend different colleges and about the rise in costs.

U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics
Career exploration and planning for teens.

U.S. Navy
Compare careers within the Navy based on your background and interests.

Way Up
Jobs and internships for college students and recent grads.

You Visit
Virtual tours of hundreds of colleges and universities.