Interview Preparation

There are many ways you can prepare for an upcoming interview. The Career Center offers many services onsite, and below are documents and online resources that offer a range of information on interviews.

At the Career Center

Online Interviews

The Career Center has a meeting room and webcam-enabled laptop which can be reserved for online interviews via Skype or other platforms. Please call (225) 231-3733 to reserve the room and/or laptop.

Practice Interviews

Career Center staff can walk you through a mock interview, ask you typical interview questions, critique your answers, and work with you to improve your presentation. Please call (225) 231-3733 to schedule a practice interview.

Interview Books

The Career Center has a shelf of books dedicated to interview strategies and tips, including such titles as Tell Me About Yourself and Job Interviews for Dummies. These books are available for check out.


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Top 10 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job
Pitfalls to avoid as you navigate the application and interview process.

Common Interview Questions
These are the questions that are asked most frequently in job interviews. Prepare your answers ahead of time!

Let’s Play 20 Questions
This list of potential interview questions includes sample responses.

Lighting Up Your Accomplishments
Use this checklist to remind yourself of your most impressive achievements at work. That way, you can make certain to highlight them in your next interview.


Mastering the Job Interview: Our Interview Seminar is a thorough compendium of tips and techniques for acing your job interview, including strategies for preparing properly.

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Job Interview Walk-through: This playlist shows demonstrations of the best – and worst – ways of answering common interview questions.

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The Video/Remote Job Interview: A guide to the digital interview process.

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Online Resources

  • – 50 Most Common Interview Questions
  • – Access provided through the East Baton Rouge Parish Library website. One-on-one live chat assistance for job seekers as part of its Adult Education and Career Center.
  • – A great resource to prepare for a specific interview. Type in the name of the position and company, and you can see actual interview questions that the company has used in the past for that position.