May 2021 YouTube Video Roundup

A new month, a new playlist on the Career Center YouTube channel! This month, we’ve started covering how to create accounts in various job search websites, and how to use them to supercharge your career. We’ve also uploaded a video on when it can be a good idea to include infographics in your resumé, and another tip for when you get the interview.

Job Search Websites playlist

How to Use Indeed for the Job Search

Job search websites can be a very useful tool to help jobseekers find openings. In this video, Lynnette Lee takes an in-depth look at the ins, outs, pros, and cons of Indeed, one of the largest and most popular job search engines.

How to Use Glassdoor for the Job Search

Glassdoor is a unique website – in addition to posting job openings, Glassdoor can provide jobseekers with information about companies, salaries, and interviews. In this video, Anne Nowak take an in-depth look at how you can use this website in your job search.

Job Interview Questions playlist

How to Answer, “How Would You Handle an Angry Customer”

Customer service is a key part of many jobs, so employers will want to know your approach for dealing with difficult customers. In this video, Anne Nowak and Lynnette Lee demonstrate some of the common pitfalls for answering this question, as well as what you might say instead.

Resumés and Cover Letters playlist

Infographic Resumes vs. Text-Based Resumes

Most people tend to think of resumes in terms of words – but it’s useful to pay attention to design as well. In some situations, an image-based resume can be more eye-catching and effective than a traditional text-based resume. In this video, Anne Nowak takes a close look at infographic resumes – what they are, how you can format them, and when they would (and would not) be appropriate.

Written by Case Duckworth