Thank you, thank you so much for doing this [interview video]. I have an interview next week and have absolutely no idea how to prepare for it. This is going to help me so much!


Thank you so much for these [interview] videos; they helped me get a job today!


Thank you [for the application video tutorial]; I was so lost and this helped me out.


Thank you so much for breaking down how to edit a resume for each specialty. I am in the similar situation but in marketing and UX design. I will be taking this approach of tailoring my cv for each job category.


The seminar on Interviewing was offered in an interactive and fun presentation that helped me retain the well-presented information.


[Staff] was very helpful with my resume and getting my info into LA Hire. I would not have been able to complete this project without their valuable assistance. Thank you so much.


[Staff] really made my resume outstanding and I’m grateful. Great job; you are the best.


Today’s Resume-writing course was very informative and helpful in knowing how to take steps towards advancing my career.


This was a very informative [Resume] class, especially for older people and those with work history gaps. I really appreciate the time and effort put in.


[Staff] was fun, energetic, and informative. I learned so much from this [Resume] seminar. The handout had the information in a format so as not to overwhelm but create interest.