“Background Checks for Employment” was a seminar that everyone should attend. Most beneficial.


Thank you for letting us host our job fair at the Career Center. Our time there was very successful and your staff was very helpful and welcoming.

Gulf Coast Social Services

Thank you so much for all you and your staff do, and the resources that you offer. It REALLY does make a difference in people’s lives; I know it did in mine.


I am so grateful for the wonderful assistance of the librarians. Their patience and technical assistance is unsurpassed. Thank you so much.

M. Z.

[Staff] helped me to focus on one goal and put the other goals aside for now. I will change my approach to my career based on my one-hour session with [staff] today. I thank you for providing this service to the public for free. I highly recommend everyone use this Career Center to improve their career.


This is a godsend! Super helpful staff, and a lifesaver to have computers and resources.


Your entire staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and eager to help at every opportunity.


Three different employees were on duty, and each and every one was helpful. I was able to learn so much here today. It is a great program.


[The Interview Seminar] gave a wonderful presentation and excellent examples. I am glad the library provides this excellent service.


Great prep for my next interview. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get a new job.