[Advance Your Career with MOOCs] was my first seminar at the library. I enjoyed the topic, I had never of MOOCs and was able to gain knowledge on how to learn skills for personal and employment development.


This helped me a lot. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for your time!!! This was extremely helpful!


Well done! Thank you for creating this helpful [YouTube] video regarding resumes and the ATS.


I absolutely love the resource of the Career Center in Baton Rouge!!! You folks are on top of what is expected in the job market now. Your time and expertise is so greatly appreciated. I’ve attended many of your seminars and love the online library of resources for all to use. THANK YOU ALL SO VERY MUCH!!!


You’ve been instrumental in helping me find another position. You were very encouraging and uplifting, and I’m very thankful that our paths crossed.


They were wonderful in the Career Center. Very helpful. Thanks.


[Staff] has really been awesome to me helping me with my resume! I really enjoyed their professionalism.


After working for 10+ years, I found myself unemployed with no modern knowledge about resume-writing. I discovered the most wonderful department at the library: the Career Center. From the time I walked in, each person was so helpful. They assisted me in redeveloping my resume.


[Staff] did a marvelous job assisting me at the new training.