[Staff] was very helpful and really kind. Helped me a lot with my resume. Thank you so much!

G. H.

You have some of the best employees working for EBRL. [Staff] really care about the guest and take time to hear what they are saying.


The Career Center at the Main Library is a fantastic resource!


Your lessons were so invaluable that they allowed me to have a successful enough interview to be hired. Thanks to you, I was able to frame things positively and to understand the scope of my experiecnes in interview questions. You helped me with key interview terms and behavioral concepts. The Career Center was instrumental in my professional growth.


I love my new job so much! It was the perfect position for me and I am so happy! Thank you again for getting me through the tough time.


Any part of the process of finding a job, from putting together a professional resume to cover letters to job interview assistance to thank-you letters/emails after the interview, the Career Services department WILL supremely help you FOR FREE!! Using what they helped me put together I applied to several jobs and attracted three different recruiters’ attention within a week (I interviewed with one of the three and was offered job a week later).

B. T.

The staff were very helpful and insightful. Not only was I trained on many of the exact questions that I would later be asked in the interview, but they helped me get into the right mindset to confidently deal with the few surprise questions that I was asked. And oh yeah, I GOT THE JOB!

W. J.

[Staff] was so informative and kind. Helped me tremendously to get my resume cleaned up and uploaded to Indeed. So friendly and patient with the patrons.


Very helpful and informative!


[Staff] was perfect in both explaining and demonstrating how to prepare for attending a job fair. I learned much more than I had anticipated.