[Staff] were extremely helpful and encouraging. They helped me develop a resume. I learned a lot!!!


I reached out for help preparing a resume. I have been out of the workforce for several years. Within 2 hours of my email, [Staff] provided back a huge list of ways I could highlight my experience and expertise. With that help, I’m glad to say I got the job. I could not have done it without the Career Center.


As a homeschool parent, I’ve been well pleased with the programing of the Career Center. [Staff] have given countless hours geared directly to our groups, and feedback from parents and students alike has been gratitude and amazement.


[Staff] was very very helpful. I was very thankful. It was a great experience.


To all in need of career services, whom have never used the EBRPL’s Career Center, I highly recommend you reconsider. I was lost, after being laid off, not having looked for a job in 18+ years, and my resume was outdated. [Staff] helped me tremendously. I felt more positive when I left than when I arrived, not only because my resume had been updated, but also due to the kindness, patience & compassion demonstrated by the helpful & professional staff.


I went to the Career Center’s YouTube Channel, and spent 3+ hours watching educational video’s pertaining to resume & cover letter writing, as well as the do’s & don’ts of job interviewing. All of the videos were extremely helpful and very easy to follow, as the presenters offered a wealth of expert knowledge while also speaking very clearly. With the wealth of information & resources that is offered @ EBRPL’s Career Center, I am confident that I will continue to utilize their services in the future.


You guys are doing a great job !!! Loved all the [YouTube] videos and every video is quite helpful.


Thanks a lot; this was very helpful.


Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t have done it without you, honestly, so thank you !


Very very helpful videos. Thanks.