The {How to Succeed at a Job Fair} workshop was well organized and very helpful. The presenters answered all of our questions and encouraged participation. It was worth my time.

A. R.

It is refreshing and uplifting to have a staff of people willing to go out of their way to help provide such a valuable service to the public. I must admit my lack of computer skills can be very frustrating, but they never made me feel uncomfortable at any moment. The resume writing class that they had provided me with much-needed strategy and encouragement.

L. G.

Very helpful and polite. I came in a little overwhelmed, and their openness made it easier for me to ask questions and get the help I needed.


Without their help I would not have my job. Went absolutely above and beyond to help me. I’m so grateful.


Thank you so much for your patience and help in getting my resume done.

T. G.

Very patient and helpful with helping me make my resume.

P. D.

Extremely helpful and cordial. The Career Center has a lot of great information and assistance!


I’ve been treated with such warmth and consideration by the Career Center employees. I appreciate your time, patience, and kindness.


The Career Center’s staff has been invaluable to me over the past few months. The staff has supported and encouraged me through this journey. Staff went out of their way to help with phone interviews and video applications. I will share this resource with many students I teach because of the nonjudgmental way the staff trains and supports us jobseekers.

M. D.

Great seminar that really hit on the main points of what interviewers are looking for. I look forward to using more of your services going forward! I was actually here to bring my younger brother to give him some ideas about self-awareness, but there was a lot for me to learn.