I’ve only been aware of the Career Center for about three weeks, but it’s becoming a resource that will truly assist me with my career transition. The staff have been great so far.


Very informative info class about MOOCs. Definitely leaving the class today with more resources to explore possible learning avenues.


I came in to receive help with my resume. They helped me one on one from beginning to end. I now feel confident about my resume and ready to begin my job search.


The Career Center is wonderful! They helped me create my very first resume and I got the job. The manager was so impressed! Thanks so much for your help!


Putting in apps at the Career Center is great. Employees are always kind, helpful, and very very patient.

R. G.

While in the Career Center, I experienced the BEST help. I’m so overwhelmed with the caring and patience [staff] had with me. This was the best experience an employee has shown me. Outstanding job!


The earnest and well-informed professionals at the EBRPL Career Center are such a great resource. I wish more people knew about this place.


What a gift this [Resume] seminar was! Thank you for the time and knowledge shared.


Everyone is always so helpful and courteous. They always practice patience with the patrons.


Career Center’s staff was great helping me!!