[Staff] was very very helpful. I was very thankful. It was a great experience.


To all in need of career services, whom have never used the EBRPL’s Career Center, I highly recommend you reconsider. I was lost, after being laid off, not having looked for a job in 18+ years, and my resume was outdated. [Staff] helped me tremendously. I felt more positive when I left than when I arrived, not only because my resume had been updated, but also due to the kindness, patience & compassion demonstrated by the helpful & professional staff.


I went to the Career Center’s YouTube Channel, and spent 3+ hours watching educational video’s pertaining to resume & cover letter writing, as well as the do’s & don’ts of job interviewing. All of the videos were extremely helpful and very easy to follow, as the presenters offered a wealth of expert knowledge while also speaking very clearly. With the wealth of information & resources that is offered @ EBRPL’s Career Center, I am confident that I will continue to utilize their services in the future.


You guys are doing a great job !!! Loved all the [YouTube] videos and every video is quite helpful.


Thanks a lot; this was very helpful.


Thanks for your help. I wouldn’t have done it without you, honestly, so thank you !


Very very helpful videos. Thanks.


The Salary Negotiation 101 workshop was very informative. The instructor appeared knowledgeable with the info she shared. She also gave examples and videos to deepen our understanding. I appreciate her for this opportunity to learn how to better invest in myself.


[Advance Your Career with MOOCs] was my first seminar at the library. I enjoyed the topic, I had never of MOOCs and was able to gain knowledge on how to learn skills for personal and employment development.


This helped me a lot. Thank you so much.