Today’s Resume-writing course was very informative and helpful in knowing how to take steps towards advancing my career.


This was a very informative [Resume] class, especially for older people and those with work history gaps. I really appreciate the time and effort put in.


[Staff] was fun, energetic, and informative. I learned so much from this [Resume] seminar. The handout had the information in a format so as not to overwhelm but create interest.


[The College Finance seminar] gave a lot of great information today that we didn’t know. Thank you so much. This is an amazing program.


Great [College Finance] workshop. The information will help me navigate the financial aid path.


The MOOCs class pleased me to discover more about online resources available. The handout and PowerPoint were extensively researched to provide me with supplemental resources.


The MOOC workshop was very informative! I love that the PowerPoint presentation was straight to the point.


I really appreciate the help. Thank you for providing this service to people seeking employment. I will be telling everyone about the great service I received.


In 2017 I did a mock interview here that secured my position at BCBSLA. The mock interview gave me a strong sense of confidence and overly prepared me. I’m on my journey again and I will be back to brush up on my skills!


Hey, thanks for these [videos]. They’re really helpful with knowing how to prepare.