I stumbled across your website, and it’s fantastic! I’ve been using the resources there for weeks; I shared your website with all of the other teachers in my department; I just can’t recommend it highly enough; God bless you!


Thanks; you make my life easier. I like the way you explain every detail.


Your [YouTube] videos are honestly very useful; thank you.


[Staff] is outstanding.  Exceptional customer service. Wonderful, kind, patient, understanding.


Wow! [Staff] was so wonderful, kind, and resourceful. Made my resume-writing on the computer a breeze. Thanks again.


[Staff] is always extremely helpful and courteous! Every time I come into Goodwood Library, [Staff] makes my anxiety about being computer illiterate immediately dissipate.


Thank you very much for the help; it is very important. It helped me out a lot.


Thank you for making videos and giving seminars on job-search-related topics. They are very helpful! We appreciate your hard work.


My new job is in exactly the town I wanted to move to and comes with a raise of almost twenty percent. I could not have done it without the Career Center.


After almost a decade at the same job, I found myself looking for jobs out-of-state and could not figure out what would really matter to include in my resume and cover letter. [Staff] helped me package my experience so well that I only had to apply to one place to get hired.