Thank you for your wonderful help with interview questions the other day. I really appreciated how kind, patient, and thorough you were. I am so grateful for all your help on my journey of self-improvement.


Thanks for helping with my resume. I interviewed with every company on my list, and they all offered me a position.


Thank you for everything. I had no idea what direction to go in, but you allowed me to completely open up and you listened. You encouraged me and guided me, and I will never forget it.


Thank you again for taking time to discuss my career options. I appreciate your positive feedback and active listening to my ideas. I have begun to look into your suggestions. Some options I didn’t even think of investigating. The Career Center is an incredible resource.


Thank you so much for getting back to me with a fantastic resume and cover letter, especially so quickly.


The ladies here were amazing. They were very helpful, courteous, wonderful. Thanks so much.


The employees are great and helpful. Thank you!! Keep up the good work.


Very professional assistance. I feel encouraged about my opportunities.


Thank you for an excellent job. I got a job that pays well and I am so excited about. I now earn $26.45/hr up from $17/hr.


I personally wanted to thank you for revising my son’s resume. We both greatly appreciate your time and your services.